On this side you find important information for students and employees with children at the OVGU. Our topics include answers to questions about finances as well as the everyday life at the university with children.  Also we provide information about the childcare in Magdeburg.

We try hard to keep the topic “Magdeburg with children” up to date. If you have suggestions or found a nice playground, Café, park etc. please don’t hesitate to send us an email and tell us about it.

We did a best possible research and summary about all information, contact details and websites. Still the information on this site are no legally binding information. You can find those at the mentioned authorities and contact persons. If you find any mistakes in the information below, we would appreciate it if you let us know.

Questions about BaföG

Who can receive Bafög?

Students can apply the grant. If and how much Bafög you receive, depends on your income and assets as well as the income of your husband/wife and if applicable the income of your parents. The promotion usually will be paid during the standard period of study.

kinderund buchstaben

What changes for people who receive BaföG after the birth of a child?

In general the application stays the same. According to the BaFöG, an additional grant is given after the birth of a child. You need to submit the birth certificate. Shifts and extensions are statutory but you have to justify them. That means that a permit can’t be generalized. Every studying parent should keep in mind that study delays caused by pregnancy, education or illness of your child should be recorded.

Of course it is important to the parents to receive the child care supplement in the amount of 113 for the first child and 85 for each additional child. You should pay attention to the relevant form for the declaration of the parents where the kid lives and who takes care of the kid.

For those of you who can’t finish their studies during the standard period of study because of pregnancy, nursing and education of children (until the age of 10 years), they can receive a promotion after the standard period of study after §15 section 3 Nr.5  BaföG.


The funding period can be extended like this:

  1. For pregnancy: 1 semester
  2. Until your child reaches the age of 5 years: 1 semester per year of your childrens life
  3. For the 6th and 7th year of your childrens life: 1 semester in total
  4. For the 8th until 10th year of your childrens life:  1 semester in total
kinderund buchstaben

Do I receive BaföG if I take a holiday term?

If you can’t continue your study because of pregnancy you still receive BaföG for up to three months. That doesn’t count if you take a holiday semester. A general claim for unemployment benefit II according to §7 SGB II does not exist. But there are some hardship clauses (§7 Abs. 5 Satz 2 SGB II) which can help. You should definitely fill in an application form anyways. If you don’t take a holiday semester there won’t be any changes about the promotion. There is no child supplement but a child has an own claim for services like child benefit, child supplement or income support. You can send your application to the Studentenwerk Magdeburg.

Studentenwerk Magdeburg
Amt für Ausbildungsförderung
Johann-Gottlob-Nathusius-Ring 5 (WH 7)
39106 Magdeburg


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Which general services can I draw?

On this page you find answers to questions all about child benefit and child supplement. We also have tips for you about housing allowance, parental benefit and maternity benefit. Additionally there are advices for alimony advance, unemployment benefit (ALG I/ ALG II) and social benefits.

Who is eligible to receive child benefit and child supplement?

Every child has the right to receive child benefit from birth on, regardless of the income level of its parents. The standard rate for the first and second child is 184 per month per child. The third child receives 190 per month. As from the fourth child it will be 215 per month per child.

Where do I have to apply for child benefit?

Students and employees apply for “Kindergeld” (child benefit) at “Familienkasse” (in Magdeburg: http://www.kindergeld.org/familienkassen/sachsen-anhalt/magdeburg.html ). You have to bring the birth certificate of your child with you. For more information visit this website:


Arbeitsagentur Magdeburg
Hohepfortestraße 37
39085 Magdeburg

Who has a claim for child benefit supplement?

There is the possibility for parents with a low income to apply a child supplement additionally to the child benefit under certain circumstances. The amount is maximum 140 per month for maximum 36 months. The child supplement can be granted if  the parents already receive services after SGB II. Services like housing allowance or child-raising will not be charged. The application for the child supplement can be send to the Familienkasse der Agentur für Arbeit (Department for Child and Family Services at the Federal Labour Office) in your residence.

When and where can I apply for housing allowance?

Housing allowance is a government grant to your rent and depends on the (family-) income, number of people living together in that household and the amount of the monthly rent. You can send your application to the "Wohngeldstelle" or to the citizens’ office.

If you receive BaföG you usually won’t get housing allowance as well, because BaföG already includes a grant for your rent. An application will be worth it for students who don’t receive BaföG anymore and children of studying parents who don’t receive income support.

Since 01.01.2005 the new Sozialgesetzbuch II (Code of Social Law SGBII ) and the Sozialgesetzbuch XII (Code of Social Law SGB XII) came into force. Students (and their children) usually count to the group of SGB II. The jobcenter are responsible for that.

Sozial- und Wohnungsamt
Wilhelm-Höpfner-Ring 4
39116 Magdeburg
Tel. 0391-5 40 31 44

Otto-von-Guericke-Straße 12a
39104 Magdeburg
(Gebäudekomplex City Carre)
Tel.: 0391-5 62-17 77

Who can receive parental benefit and where do I have to apply for it?

Parents who live in Germany and mostly take care of their children themselves can receive parental benefit. For that they are not allowed to be employed or work more than 30 hours per week in a part-time job. The parental benefit exists since 01.01.2007.  It depends on your income and should work as a wage replacement.  The amount is 67% of the income you had before the birth of your child. The maximum amount is 1800 per month and the minimum amount is 300 per month. You can receive that money for up to 12 months, but can be extended to 14 months under certain circumstances (if the other parent applies for parental leave too). You can find the most important information here: http://www.mein-elterngeld.de/.

Employees should contact the "Personaldezernat".

Send your application for the parental benefit to:

Halberstädter Straße 39a
39112 Magdeburg
Telefon: 727-3000
Fax: 627-3701 oder -3702
Email: posths@lvwa.sachsen-anhalt.de

The Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend has published the advisor „Elterngeld und Elternzeit“ (parental benefit and parental leave). You can download the PDF here:. here.

Who can receive maternity benefit?

Students who are employed and are in maternity protection period (6 weeks before the birth of the child, 8 weeks after the birth) can receive maternity benefit as a replacement of your income. Because it is a service of a statutory health insurance you have to be a member of a statutory health insurance. If you have a premature birth or give birth to more than one child you can extend the subscription period to 12 weeks after birth. The amount of the maternity benefit depends on your net income of the last 3 months before the term of protection.

Hint: Students who are not a member of a statutory health insurance can receive maternity benefit at the expense of the federal government. You have to send your application to the supporting health insurance at the beginning of the term of protection.

Who receives alimony advance?

A child, if it:

  • lives in Germany
  • lives with a single parent
  • doesn't or irrgegular receives maintenance from the othrt parent
  • is under 12 years of age

What is the amount of alimony advance in Saxony-Anhalt?

  • for children under 6 years of age: 133 per month
  • for older children under 12 years of age: 180 per month

For how long will the alimony advance be paid?

  • maximum 72 months
  • the payment ends when the child arrives the 12th year of life at the latest, even if the 72 months didn’t end yet

The application for the services of the alimony advance has to be in a written form. You can get the application form at the youth welfare office.  Alimony advance services don’t exclude the claim of income support or welfare.

Who receives ALG I?

ALG I (unemployment benefit) can only be received by people who already deposited to the unemployment insurance. That means you have to have worked in a job which is subject to compulsory insurance (periodic more than 20 hours per week) in the last 3 years for at least 12 months (before or after your study). The “Agentur für Arbeit” is responsible for ALG I.

Who is eligible for ALG II and income support?

Students can’t receive that service after §7 SGB II if they can receive BAföG. In special hardship cases a support to secure living can be giving in a form of a credit after §7 Abs. 2 SGB II. Students can apply for income support for their underage kids after § 28 SGB II, if their income (maintenance, child benefit, child supplement) doesn’t exceed the need after SGB II. You can find application forms at the Jobcenter.

What are increased demand services and who is eligible for that?

During the pregnancy students are eligible for increased demand services, independent if she receives services after SGB II. The income of the students must not or just slightly exceed the standard rate of the SGB II. Students who are pregnant of take care of a kid are eligible for the following services:

  • Increased demand for pregnant women after the 12th week of pregnancy (§21  Abs. 2 SGB II)

  • Increased demand for single parents with a kid under 7 years or 2 kids under 16 years (§ 21 Abs. 3 SGB II)

Students are also eligible for one-time services like pregnancy clothes, children’s equipment, cot, highchair etc. (§ 23 Abs. 3 SGB II). You should send an application to the jobcenter.

Who can be exempted from broadcasting fees? Where do I have to apply?

Broadcasting fees: People who receive ALG II can be freed from broadcasting fees. You can find application forms at the social welfare office, at the Caritas or online  (www.gez.de).The Landesrundfunkanstalt Köln is handling the applications.

Social tariffs for connections of the Telekom: This refers to a benefit for needy people, offered by the Telekom. The necessary prerequisite is the exemption of the broadcasting fees. You can send your application to the local Telekom.

Where else can I get support in Magdeburg?

The foundation “Mutter und Kind” supports parents who are in an emergency, that means if other social benefits are not enough or don’t arrive on time. They support with one-time financial grants around pregnancy, birth, baby equipment (especially basic equipment for the baby), the continuation of the household, the flat and equipment as well as the childcare. You can find application forms at the local pregnancy counselling. You should send your application as early as possible.

You need to bring a pregnancy attest (for example the maternity log) with you. If you have a concrete and essential need (furnishings, electrical appliances or help with debt) you should get in contact with the foundation “Familie in Not”.

Stiftung "Familie in Not Land Sachsen-Anhalt"
Halberstädter Straße 39a
39112 Magdeburg


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Which playgrounds and parks are advisable?

Where can I find playgrounds in Magdeburg?

Magdeburg has now a list of playgrounds on its website. You can find addresses and pictures of the public playgrounds. here.

Playground Röntgenstraße in Stadtfeld

We like to visit this playground. It is fenced to that you can forget the “outside world” easily. Also there is a lot of shade, but the slide is in the pure sun during midday. That’s why our kids can’t use the slide during that time. Last time they almost burned their bum in their shorts. But apart from that we really recommend this playground. We’ve already spend our time here when our kids were just babies. The sand is really clean so they could always crawl and dig around. They used to love the hub. Nowadays they prefer the big slide.


Harry Potter playground in Neustädter Feld

The harry potter playground is a little further away from the city in Neustädter Feld (stop Hermann-Bruse-Platz), but the way is worth it. The whole play equipment is made out of wood. We always meet so many other kids that our small ones always find an older partner to play with and who can help them to swing or climb. An advantage are also the benches in the shade. And all the digger, dredger operator and princesses can find enough shade under one of the many houses. A high playful fence surrounds the area so nobody gets lost. And the best is: right next to the playground is a supermarket, savings bank, drugstore and a pharmacy so you can connect playing with shopping.


Playground “Schellheimer Platz”

This place can be used by kids of all ages. Because it’s so central in Stadtfeld, you can meet most of your neighbors in the afternoon there. There is a special area for the smallest. The water playground invites to play with mud and build sandcastles.

Playground in Olvenstedt

Karolina, Kai and I live in the area called “Olvenstedt”. Every time I go for a walk with my child, I usually stay right in Olvenstedt. Most of you will probably think: “Olvenstedt? You can’t go for a nice walk in Olvenstedt?”. But I’m telling you: YES, you can. And it is actually really pretty here. The apartment buildings surround beautiful courtyards , the “Boulevard of Olvenstedt” is all green with different fountains and the “Flora-Park” is not too far away either. Karolina loves to watch the trees, whether she’s in her pushchair or laying on the grass.

Recently I’ve visited the park with her and we laid under a small group of trees. Karolina laid down on her blanket and watched the leaves above her as if she would count every single one of them. The toys I had with me didn’t even bother her. During that time I was able to do some work for my study. As she floundered more and more I took off her diaper and she could crawl around with her naked bum. That was fun! After almost 3 hours we went back home. Because of the fresh air and the kicking she was so tired that she took a little nap back at home.


The quite new playground is in the area called “Neue Neustadt” near Lübecker Straße. The whole equipment is made of wood. The kids can climb on “ice bergs” and slide back down, climb on various equipment and dream in the nest swing. But the best is the “shipwreck”. With a steering wheel and an outlook post there is enough space for fantasy.


The playground in the zoo is awesome. The petting enclosure is directly connected with the playground. Thanks to the big slide the kids can directly slide from the playground to the goats’ enclosure. Unfortunately you can only visit this playground if you purchase a ticket for the zoo.


The “Elbauenpark”

The waterplayground there is really awesome. The water is really cold, but that doesn’t really bother the kids. The trees give enough shade to rest, at least during our visit last summer. You can even the Nautica from the playground. The entrance at the Breitscheidstraße is the best to enter the park.

You can also visit the butterfly house in the Elbauenpark. 200 butterflies and 25 different species live there. Because of the tropical climate the house if perfect for rainy days.


Spielplatz Stadtpark_3

Spielplatz Stadtpark_1

Spaziergänger im Park

You can find two hidden playgrounds in the city park. The big dragon to climb on is between the ferry terminal and tarred circular route. This is a great fun especially for the older kids. Unfortunately there is no shade, but there is a nice bench for the parents. A little further away there is another playground between the trees with a swing, slide and rocker. Even the smallest ones can release their energy here. The big advance is that there’s a lot of shade thanks to the big trees.

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Where are family-friendly cafes?

There is a nice café in Herrenkrug (LINK). The playground is in view. There are many big meadows to romp. The only detriment: The price category is a bit more upscale.

That’s mostly the same for the café "le frog" in the city park. But you can find additional to the playground also a lake for pedal boat rides, feeding ducks etc.

You can enjoy a nice breakfast at "Dips" at the Hunderwasserhaus. It is open from 7am and children only pay half price. The "flair" is also a good spot to eat with your kids. During the week it opens at 8.30 am.

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Where can I go for a swim with my children?

Freibad Süd + Erich-Rademacher-Bad

You can find the Freibad Süd at the last stop of the trams 3 and 9. There you can find a playground, slides, springboard, shallow water area etc. The many trees give a lot of shade.

That doesn’t count for the Erich-Rademacher-Bad in Olvenstedt. The babies can have great fun in the baby pool. Unfortunately you need to rent a parasol or a beach shell to get some shade. The non-swimmer pool provides many toys for the water. And even the smallest ones have fun on the big slide. The only problem is that is impossible to climb that slide with a baby on your arm. It is way too steep and the steps are too small. But luckily the lifeguards are kind and help you. There are enough parking spots next to the school.

Right next to it there is a swimming indoor pool. Besides the lanes there is also a warmer shallow water pool. You can rent swimming aids, bathing island etc.

Who is offering baby swimming courses?

We can recommend the courses offered by the Praxisklinik Sudenburg by Barbara Großmann, Bahrendorfer Str. 16 , 39112 Magdeburg.

The age groups are well divided. The best is you can’t only bring your smallest ones to get used to the water, but also bring your older kids for swim exercises.

Baby swimming courses are also offered by the hospital in Olvenstedt.


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Where is a good place to live with kids?

Who provides cheap living space?

The OVGU has an agreement with the housing cooperative “"Otto von Guericke e.G.” about cost-effective flats for studying parents. You can receive rent subsidies or even a kitchen. You can find some information in the following extract. The contact person is Maik Reichel:

Ernst-Reuter-Allee 8 (across Allee-Center)
39104 Magdeburg

opening hours:

Mo.-Fr.:  10.00 - 18.00 Uhr 
Sa.:       10.00 - 14.00 Uhr

Extract of the agreement between OvGU and the housing cooperative “Otto von Guericke e.G.” from 8th of april 2008:

§ 2  services of the housing cooperative

(1)    The housing cooperative “Otto von Guericke e.G” supports students with children in the form of :

  1. Renting three-room dwellings and bigger apartments without deposit with the reason of a membership for Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft with just four obligatory shares (160,00 )..
  2. Granting rent subsidies which will be credit to the account of the student in the amount of:
      1. 360,-/ annual (30,-/ monthly) for apartments with up to 60m² living space
      1. 480,-/ annual (40,-/ monthly) for apartments up to 75m² living space
      1. 600,-/ annual (50,-/ monthly) for apartment with more than 75m² living space
  3. Alternatively to the mentioned possibilities you can get a kitchen EUR 1500 worth of goods, without increasing the rent
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Where do I find maternity clinics, midwives and information centers?

Maternity clinics where can I give birth in Magdeburg?

In Magdeburg you have the possibility to give birth in three different clinics: Städtisches Klinikum, Klinik St. Marienstift and Universitätsfrauenklinik. All clinics have a big spectrum of offers. The clinic “Städtisches Klinikum” is specialized in gestational diabetes, thrombophilia and intensive support. Furthermore they provide a holistic support for premature babies. The clinic has a high proportion of supervised high-risk pregnancies thanks to a close cooperation with neonatology with a neonatal unit and a premature baby unit. The Universitätsfrauenklinik also focuses on the care and childbirth of premature babies. It is basically recommended that every soon to be mother obtains information about which clinic fits best to her as soon as possible. The clinics are also offering information evenings.

Addresses of the clinics

Städtisches Klinikum Olvenstedt
Birkenallee 34
39130 Magdeburg

Gerhart-Hauptmann-Straße 35
39108 Magdeburg

Klinik St. Marienstift
Harsdorfer Straße 10
39110 Magdeburg

What is a midwife doing? Who is eligible for the support of a midwife?

A midwife is a specialist for pregnancy and the time after birth. She works on the basis of the midwife law and the professional code of the countries. The help of a midwife includes advice, care, supply and assistance during pregnancy, birth, newborn period, puerperium and breastfeeding period as well as providing counsel for questions about family planning.

Every pregnant, birth giving or breastfeeding mother can ask for the help of a midwife. The statutory health insurances will take on the costs. If you have a private insurance, you have to ask that insurance for more information.

here is a list of midwifes in and near Magdeburg.




Information centers Whom can I ask for help, if I need pregnancy counselling in Magdeburg?

The pregnancy counselling information centers advice you in individual conversations or together with your partner, they organize discussion groups and information events. All information centers have a secrecy and everybody can ask for help.

All centers in the list down below include the following services:

  • information about financial support / help in financially emergencies
  • application form foundation “Mutter-Kind” and foundation “Familie in Not”
  • help with questions about adoption and the unfulfilled desire to have children
  • help with questions about possible disabilities of the child
  • marriage counselling and partner counselling
  • family counselling
  • help with individual and personal problems
  • help with problems with puberty and education
  • prevention and sex education
  • information about legal regulations
  • enforcement of legal claims
  • pregnancy counselling
  • Schwangerschaftskonfliktberatung
  • written confirmation of the pregnancy following §219 StGB (except Caritas)
  • contact and play groups, massages for mother, child, baby and more
Name of the institution

Telefon, Fax, Email

Contact person
Opening hours
AWO Kreisverband
Magdeburg e.V.
Thiemstraße 12
39104 Magdeburg

Tel: 4068050

Fax: 4068050



Frau Stephan
Frau Veckenstedt
Mo: nach Vereinbarung
Di: 09:00 -18:00
Mi: 13:30 -18:00
Do: 08:00 -12:30
Fr: by arrangement
Gesundheits- und Veterinäramt
Lübecker Straße 32
39090 Magdeburg

Tel: 5 40 60 53

Fax: 5 40 60 06



Frau Kühdeisch
Frau Wysocki
 Mo: 08:00 -12:00
Di: 08:00 -12:00 / 14:00 -18:00
Mi: 08:00 -12:00
Do: 08:00 -12:00
14:00 - 18:00 (mit Termin)
Fr: 08:00 -12:00
and by arrangement
 Magdeburger Stadtmission e.V. Leibnizstraße 48
39104 Magdeburg

Tel: (0391) 5 32 49 13

Fax: (0391) 5 32 49 15



Frau Raupach

Frau Reinecke

Frau Wildenauer

daily after an arrangement by phone

between 08:00 und 19:00 Uhr.

 pro familia Lübecker Straße 24
39124 Magdeburg

Tel: 2 52 41 33

Fax: 2 88 69 77



Frau Fabian
Frau Wogatzke
Frau Heitsch
 Caritasverband Bistum
Magdeburg e.V.
Karl-Schmidt-Straße 5 c
39104 Magdeburg

Tel: 4 08 05 12

Fax: 4 08 05 20



 Frau Baum  Di: 14:00 -18:00
Mi: ab 13:00
Beratung in der Klinik St. Marienstift
Do: 14:00 -18:00
Fr: 09:00 -12:00
and by arrangement
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Who is eligible for a nursery place?

Every child is eligible for half a day in the daycare with minimum 5 hours per day or 25 hours per week. You can choose the day care on your own, provided the day care still has the necessary capacity.

Aim of the child care should be to raise the children to an independent and socially competent personality. The development and support of the child should be age appropriate and the educational opportunities should stimulate the physical and mental development. Day care facilities should support the education in the family and should give the children the chance to make experiences outside of their family. You can find more information:

in one of the 130 day care facilities in Magdeburg

in the offices of independent sponsors

in the youth welfare office

in the social centers of the youth welfare office

in the city offices

and online: www.magdeburg.de

Important: In saxony-anhalt parents get a certificate from the first day care facility they've visited if they can't get a place at that day care.

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Is there a childcare on the OvGU campus?

 Yes, at the "Campuskinderzimmer". You can find more information here.

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If I'm pregnant, can I apply for extension of exam period?

In the general examination regulations of the OvGU is written that students have the right of maternity protection. If you are pregnant and want to extent examination deadlines you should send an informal application to your audit committee and point to the general examination regulations.

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Which influence does being a parent have on long-term study fees?

The standard period of study will be 4 semesters longer if you are a parent. Because:

The care and education of children is a reason to extend the standard period of study. This standard period depends on what you are studying. In general you can take 4 more semester than the standard period of study would be without paying long-term study fees. Studying parents however can take an additional standard semester period more than students without children, before paying long-term study fees. After this period you have to pay these fees, even if you are a parent tough. You can send your application for the extension of your standard period of study to the “Dezernat für Studienangelegenheiten” together with a copy of your maternity log.


An example:

A student is doing his master and finished his bachelor degree before within 7 semesters. The total standard period of study is 10 semesters (7 semesters bachelor + 3 semesters master). Now his girlfriend is pregnant. Because of the joint care for their child the student needs more time to finish his master degree. In his 14th semester he is told to pay long-term study fees for the next semester. Because of his successful application to the Dezernat Studienangelegenheiten he may stay 20 semesters without paying long-term study fees.

You can read about the handling of the long-term study fees here especially in §3, Absatz (1).

Irrespective of the payment of study fees, you also have to organize the extension of your study and if necessary clarify specific deadlines in the curriculum. Solutions for that could be a specialized study plan or a part-time study. You should discuss all details with your examination office.


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Where can I start a part-time study at the OvGU? How do I have to apply for it?

Students can start a part-time study if they have important reasons why they can’t do a full-time study. Basically all students can start a part-time study if they give reasons. The audit committee of your subject will accept or decline the application. Important reasons to apply for a part-time study are for example: the care of a child who is under 18 years old and/ or the nursing of a family member in need of care.

After your part-time study is accepted you will have a consultation with the advisor for your subject. Together you will plan an individual curriculum.

You can read more about it here:


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Do I qualify for an all-day care at a day care if Im taking a holiday semester?

Not really. Students who are in a holiday semester are “inactive students” even if they still visit some seminars or take an examination. The youth welfare office assumes that the “employment relationship” with the university is pausing and that’s why you are only qualified for a half a day in day care.

But: Students of the OvGU in a holiday semester  who still need an all-day care for their child can talk to one of the family representatives. Sometimes they can find a solution for you.

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When can I give my child to a baby minder?

 Day care is an individual form of taking care of your children which is offered by Magdeburg on the basis of §§ 22-24 SGB VIII und der §§ 6 und 11(6) KiFöG LSA. In this type of care day care personnel will take care of up to 5 children in your household or in other rooms.

Day care is usually for kids until their 3rd year of life as an alternative to day care centers. If you want to use the day care service, you should talk to the youth welfare center.

The proportionate financing of the youth welfare center has the following criteria:

  • You can proof that there is no free space at a day care center in your surrounding
  • The working time of the parents is longer than the day care is opened

  • The health condition of your child (proven by a doctor) is a reason for that type of care

You can find information about children with development disabilities, disabilities and special needs here:

Frühförderungs- und Beratungsstelle
Lumumbastraße 26
39126 Magdeburg
Tel.: (0391) 6 62 78 00
Als Ansprechpartnerin für weitere Informationen und zur Vermittlung eines Tagespflegeplatzes steht Ihnen aus dem Team Tagesbetreuung im Jugendamt zur Verfügung:

Frau Aßmann; Tel.: 540 31 75
eMail: Sonja.Aszmann@jga.magdeburg.de

A list of child minders can be given to you by the family office via mail:loreen.lesske@ovgu.de.

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What does the KiföG Sachsen-Anhalt regulate?

According to the law every child with a usual stay in Sachsen-Anhalt has the right for an all-day care (10 hours per day) from birth on until they reach the 7th grade, if the parents need it because of working times for example.

Who regulates the costs for the care?

Parents who give their children to a day care center have to pay for that. The obligation to contribute starts as soon as your child visits the day care. You have to pay the contribute in advance and at the latest on the 3rd working day of a month. You also have to pay even if your child can’t visit the day care center because of illness or other reasons.

Parents with a low income can get support from the youth welfare center according §13 SGB Kifög in addition to § 90 SGB. Parents won’t have to pay the parental contribution. You can find application forms at the youth welfare center.

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Questions about the "Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz"

How does the OvGU handle the §2 Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetzes when you want to extend a fixed-term contract because you’re taking care of your own children?

This paragraph is an optional provision. The Dezernat Personalwesen examines every individual case and mostly accepts the extension of a fixed-term contract because of the care of children. The extension can be 2 years per child.

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Are there special regulations for medical students?

Medical students have an internal maternity leave pass. You can find it here .

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Current news about compatibility of work and maintenance

What does the new family care time law include?

In January 2012 the new family care time law came into force.

The most important information are:

  • Employees can reduce their work time to nurse their family relatives

  • It is independent from the company size

  • Duration of the care period: maximum 2 years

  • Lower limit of work time: 15 hours per week

  • Financial security because of advance pay (for example: full-time employee can reduce the work time to 50% and still receive 75% wage)
  • The advance pay will be balanced as soon as the employee is back to full-time work (for example: employee still receives 75% wage until the wage increase is balanced again)
  • Employers get the advance pay from the federal agency of family and civic duties
  • The federal office will also stand for the employee if he or she can’t pay back the advance pay because of private bankruptcy
  • Employees who use the family care time need insurance cover
  • During the family care time contributions to the social security will still be paid

You can find more information about the family care time here.

Where can I find more information about work and maintenance?


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Where can I find all regulations about a family-friendly OvGU in sum?

All important information are summarized by the family office and the Dezernat Studienangelegenheiten in the following document. The document also applies for all examination offices and tutors of all faculties.

Grundsätze der familiengerechten Hochschule

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When do I contact the Family Office?

As a student or employee of the OVGU, you have the opportunity to contact the Family Officer. The Family Office will advise you on maternity protection, the compatibility of studies, work and family, and the services offered by the Family Office and the university.

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What services does the family office offer?

The OVGU Family Office issues the family pass to students and employees with children or supports students in their final semester with the family scholarship. You can find more information on the website or in the flyer.

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Where can I get the access code for the parent-child-rooms?

You can obtain the access code for the parent-child-rooms from the Family Office.

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By when do I have to apply for the family scholarship?

-By January, 15th (start of payment in the summer semester)

-By July, 15th (start of payment in the winter semester)


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I am pregnant. Can I already apply for the family scholarship now?

Yes, you can already apply for the Family Scholarship during your pregnancy. However, you must state the date of birth of the child in your application or show that you have a maternity passport.

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I did not apply for the family scholarship but now need financial support. Can I still claim the scholarship?

No, you cannot claim the scholarship after the application deadline. However, the Family Office will be happy to advise you on possible financial support during your studies.

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I would like to study abroad with my child. Where can I find information on funding or childcare?

You can find information on funding or childcare abroad on the website of the Family Office or directly on the website for "Auslandsstudium mit Kind" ("Studying abroad with a child").

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