The family office is located in G18, room 246. The full time family representative is Dr. Loreen Lesske.

Foto Loreen

Tel: 0391-6752963


adress for visitors:

G18; room: 246

Post adress:

Universitätsplatz 2
39106 Magdeburg


There are supportive decentralized family representatives in all faculties and central institutions.

Dagmar Pfeiffer - faculty of engineering

Neli Hampel -faculty of processing and system technology

Katharina Mecke - faculty of electrical engineering and information technology

Dr. Eike Schallehn - faculty of informatics

Dr. Wolfram Eid - facutly of mathematics

Olga August - faculty of sciences

Kerstin Winkelmann - faculty of medicine (contact for employees)

Beate Selder-Radke - faculty of medicine (contact for students)

Dr. Frank Lesske - faculty of human sciences (contact for students and employees)

Kathrin Meyer-Pinger -faculty of economics

Dr. Petra Kabisch - Department of Academic Affairs

Kerstin Möhring - central institutions (libary)

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