decentralized family representatives

There are contact persons for students and employees with children, besides the full time family representative, at the OvGU. Our decentralized family representatives advise you if you need help. You can find the contact details here: 

Dagmar Pfeiffer - Faculty of Engineering

Katharina Zähringer-Faculty of Process and Systems Engineering

Katharina Mecke -Faculty of Electronic Engineering and Information Technology

Dr. Eike Schallehn - Faculty of Informatics

Prof. Dr. Claudia Kirch -Faculty of Mathematics

Olga August - Faculty of Science

Kerstin Winkelmann -Faculty of Medicine (contact for employees)

N.N. - Faculty of Medicine (contact for students)

Dr. Frank Lesske - Faculty of Humanities (contact for students and employees)

Kathrin Meyer-Pinger - Faculty of Economics

Dr. Petra Kabisch - Department of Academic Affairs

Kerstin Möhring - Central Institutions (libary)

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