Newsletter December 2019

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Dear readers,

at the end of the year we would like to inform you about some news, tipps and events for the coming year. Until then we will have a little winterbreak.

If you have any questions, wishes or suggestions please send us an email:

The team of the family office




» Current scholarship holders
» Weitere Themen
» Family brunch 2020
» Childcare during the summer break 2020
» Weitere Themen
» Happy parents
» "Kinderrettungsschirme"
» Reading promotion
» Weitere Themen


Current scholarship holders

Did you already get to know our current scholarship holders? Every monday we introduce you to one. You will get to know about their studies, how they got to know about our scholarship and what advice they can give to you. To read more about it just click here.


To be one of our next scholarship holders send us an application. You still have time until the 15th of january. You can read about all the details of our family scholarship and how to apply on our website.


Family brunch 2020

Our next family brunch will be on the 18th of april 2020. As always there will be plenty opportunities for your children to play. The parents can enjoy a little break while enjoying food from our delicous brunch buffet.

There will be more information about the programm and how to register in the coming year.

Childcare during the summer break 2020

We are also planning our next childcare during the summer break. The date will be from 20th of july until 31st of July 2020. We will let you know about the exact program and how to register in the coming year.


Happy parents

Parents are now happier than 20 years ago. Reasons for that are more freedom for example when choosing between job and parenthood. Also the child care is now more indivudual.

You can read the whole evaluation and more interesting facts about compatibility in this article.


Have you heard about the "Kinderrettungsschirme" (child parachute)? Stores, offices and restaurants stand up for the safety of children. There can be many dangers in the everyday life of a child for example losing their parents. The "Kinderrettungsschirme" will take care of the child and help him/her.

You can find more about that project here.

Reading promotion

The programm "Lesestart 1-2-3" helps you with an early reading promotion for your child. They offer reading-sets for children aged one, two and three. The sets include one reading book and advices for parents. You can pick up your set at paediatricians and libraries.

You can find more information on their website.

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