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17.03.2020 -  

We would like to organize help with a network of OVGU parents and friends. We have received requests from students and staff who want to help families. We will try to coordinate these offers and requests. Of course, we have also received requests for help with childcare, etc. Under the current conditions, we cannot, of course, offer group-like childcare.

In the following you will find a collection of links to knowledge programmes on TV and the net, recommended websites and radio programmes, etc. In addition, we will publish the support offers here, such as homework help.

Besides, there are already a lot of networks and groups that help each other. We also want to link these with reference to the needs of families. We will be happy to include your hints and tips here. Just send us a short mail with a link and a short description of the content.

We will update the individual topics continuously. So please excuse us if not all boxes with contents are available at the beginning.

Existing groups and networks

Colouring pictures and handicraft instructions
Television and radio broadcasts
Websites for children with creative offers, but also short films etc.
Learning portals for school children
concrete assistance

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