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Offers of the OVGU for exemption according to the Pflegezeitgesetz for employees


The "Pflegezeitgesetz" (family care time law) is valid for all employees of the university, including research assistants, tutors and trainees. The "Pflegezeitgesetz" includes the short term exemption for ten days and a care period for six months per family member in need of care. The"Pflegezeitgesetz" is valid for the care of relatives in need of care for up to 24 months with total or partially exemption.

"Close relatives" include:

  • parents
  • grandparents
  • parents-in-law
  • spouses
  • life partners
  • siblings
  • own children, adopted children, foster children as well as your partners adopted or foster children
  • children in law, grandchildren
  • stepparents
  • sisters and brothers in law

If you consider a short time absence from work following §2 PflegeZG, you can use maximum 10 days of exemption per nursing case. The obligation to notify can be happening in any form. As evidence you need a medical certificate about the need for care and show it to your employment if they ask you to. There won’t be a continued remuneration. The application can be informal, the insurance care will remain.

If you consider a care period following §3 PflegeZG, §2 and §2a FPfZG, you can use maximum 24 months per nursing case and maximum 3 months terminal care. You have to use the care period without interruption, but the care period can be under the maximum duration and can be extended to the maximum duration. The written notification obligation has to happen 8 weeks before use at the latest. The employer can’t reject that. 

If you wish a part-time employment you have to write that down in the application. The reduction has to be at least 15 hours. For every calendar month with a complete reduction of the work performance your holiday entitlement will be shortened by one twelfth. The burden of proof include a certificate for the assessment of the nursing insurance or the medical service of the health insurance which can be given later. There won’t be a continued remuneration, but you can receive care assistance money under certain circumstances. Also you have the possibility to be released of the compulsory insurance.

For all employees, who apply for a brief employment prevention, there is a special protection against dismissal for 12 weeks before begin until the end of the care period valid.

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