Financial support for parents and carergivers

The Family Office has developed assistance measures for students and employees with children and/or with care responsibilities who are particularly burdened by the corona pandemic, which are intended to cushion some of the multiple burdens. For the months of July, August and September, financial support can be applied for babysitters, household-related services or graduate assistants.

Financial support for parents and for carergivers

Students with children can receive financial support to cover the costs of babysitters. The criteria for the approval of applications are:

  • Multiple burden due to closure of schools or daycare centers
  • Not allowing emergency care
  • only limited childcare hours after opening of schools & Kita
  • renewed closure of schools


Students who care for close relatives by assuming the costs of household-related services. The criteria for the approval of applications are:

  • Effects of the pandemic on the care situation combined with additional expenses for applicants*in
  • Closure of day care facilities due to the pandemic
  • Loss of domestic help etc. due to contact restrictions caused by the pandemic


Support in teaching and research by graduate assistants

Employees with children as well as employees with care responsibilities, who rather need support in teaching and research than support in the private sector, can apply for the assumption of graduate assistants costs. It is possible to increase the number of graduate assistants already employed or to hire new assistants. The costs are covered for a maximum of 40 hours per month. Applications can also be made for individual months or for the entire period. The criteria for the approval of applications are:

  • Additional costs due to changing the teaching to digital formats
  • Delay in processing tasks in research & teaching
  • Delays in research/publication activities due to the pandemic


The measures presented here are largely financed by funds from the Women Professors Programme 3, in which the OVGU is successfully participating for the third time. 


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