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Corona help network

On this page we provide a wide range of information, identification and tips for the time of the Corona crisis. We have not been able to test all pages, but give our recommendations to the best of our knowledge and belief. Some ideas are not really new. But in this unusual time with school and kita closings we just want to encourage our OVGU parents a little bit.

As an introduction for parents, especially for smaller children, we found an explanatory video on WDR. (Unfortunately currently only in german)
Also explains the developments in a Podcast child-fairly.
In addition, here is a short guide for the time in the home office. (Unfortunately currently only in german)

The Auslandsgesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt (AGSA) offers a great list with translations of important information about the Corona crisis.

Childcare, neighbourhood assistance and much more There are already some help offers on the Internet. Here you will find links to them.

Fernseh- und Radiosendungen jederzeit im Internet abrufbar.

We have put together a few pages on which you can find free templates for colouring pictures or even free crafting instructions.

Es gibt einige Portale im Netz, die das Alleine-lernen vielleicht etwas angenehmer machen, neue Aufgaben beiten und natürlich auch Hilfestellung geben.

Hier listen wir Webseiten mit kreativen Angeboten, Kurzfilmen, Bastelangeboten oder auch mal kleinen Computerspielen auf.

Wer kann welche Hilfe anbieten? Hier stellen wir die Angebote kurz und knapp dar. Kontakt zu den einzelnen Hilfer*innen gibt es immer über das Familienbüro

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