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As a state-owned university we consider it as our responsibility to contribute to the social development and as a result of that to counteract the results of the demographic change like the skills shortage. The OvGU strive an improvement of your family-friendly orientation, to increase the attractiveness of the study conditions, work conditions and research conditions. The university administration supports the compatibility of study and family. The university anchored this family-friendly orientation in the family codex of the OVGU. It’s supposed to guarantee the sustainability, transparency, consistency, performance increase and the forward-looking approach of the university family politics.

family friendly university means for the OvGU:

Anchoring the family-friendly orientation in the basic structures of the OVGU, so that all employees and students can refer to that. That includes:

Anchoring in the model

Family office with a full-time family representative and an own budget

Honoratry family reprensentatives in the faculties and central institutions

A catalogue of measures for the family friendliness which is adopted from the rectorate

Reports about the realization every second year

family friendly university means for the OvGU:

Family-friendly study and personnel politics for all students and employees. The university supports social relationships, where people take care of each other. The family-friendly study- and personnel politics are transparent for potential students, employees and cooperation partners. Family-friendly study- and personnel politics include topics like:

care, education and nursing

Family-friendly working conditions and study conditions

Appropriate consideration of family matters in appeal proceedings

Sustainable promotion of a family-friendly climate on the campus

Family friendly universitity means for the OvGU:

Leadership competence includes the understanding for family-friendly studying and working conditions. To counteract the demographic change and to obtain a paradigm shift with a view to future managers, these tasks belong to the management level:

Establishing ambitious, family-friendly standards as well as the willingness for finding individual solutions

Sensitization of all members and especially of the managers

Communication about existing assistance between students, employees and managers

Family friendly universitity means for the OvGU:

The operational framework conditions and in this regard the margins are used so that they serve each individual in their balance between study life and private life. To care for a family cannot restrict a career. The focus is always on the results and less on the invested time. The operational offers consist of:

Informative and supportive measures

Information and support for dual career couples

Personalized agreements

Target-group-specific events and the needed infra structure

Family friendly universitity means for the OvGU:

The quality issue family-friendliness has to be taken into account in all decision making processes and in the individual and organizational actions. A continuous reflection process for the further development for a common understanding about that topic is happening within the university. Questions about the family-friendliness are included in the qualitative examination of the university.

The liability in the process of implementation gets the highest importance. The further networking with other actors/ institutions within and outside the university is a constant goal.


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